4th SEABC 2018 Proceedings

by muhazmi | 12 July 2019 2018





  1. Financial Performance Changes in the Digital Economy of Indonesian Retail Companies
  2. Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: Preliminary Findings
  3. Does Destination Image and Perceived Destination Quality Influence Tourist Satisfaction and Word of Mouth of Culinary Tourism
  4. Renewable Energy Consumption, CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth in Indonesia
  5. Foreign Related Parties Transactions as Tax Avoidance Strategy in Indonesia: The Role of Corporate Governance
  6. The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Performance, Board of Commissioners Effectiveness, And Women On The Board of Commissioners Towards Ceo Turnover
  7. Aggregator Business as an Intermediary in Agriculture: A literature review
  8. Do Young, Female, and Experienced Characteristics of Risk Oversight Committee Members Accommodate Bank Risk-Taking? Evidence from Indonesia
  9. The Effect of Agency Problems on Cost Stickiness in the Banking Industry: The Role of the Board of Commissioners and the Audit Committee Effectivenese
  10. Performance Analysis of Zakat Intitutions by using NZI and DEA in Jabodetabek, Indonesia
  11. Efficiency Analysis on Amil Zakat Institutions in Indonesia 2015-2016 using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
  12. Potential Implementation of Goods and Services Tax as a Substitute for Value Added Tax in Indonesia
  13. Board of Directors Effectiveness, Integrated Reporting Quality, and Firm Risk
  14. Economic Performance of Cities in Indonesia: Impact Analysis of Smart City Concept Implementation
  15. The Analysis Of Leading Subsector Paddy Commodities In South Sumatera Province (LQ Analysis)
  16. Financial Pressure, Firm Size, Asset Growth And Corporate Value: Mediation Effect Of Dividend Payout
  17. Service Quality towards Lazada's Customer Satisfaction based on Importance Performance Analysis Methods and Customer Satisfaction Index
  18. An analysis of service quality using importance performance analysis and gap analysis at a commercial bank in Indonesia
  19. Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Performance and Financial Performance at Mining Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange
  20. Analysis of Customer Perceived Value, Satisfaction, Loyalty and the Mediating Role of Customer Demographics: A Study of Indonesian Train Service
  21. Leverage Of Number Of Population, GDRP, HDI, And Unemployment On Poverty Level In Six District In South Sumatera
  22. The Impact of Accounting Information Characteristics on Managerial Performance in Distance Learning Program Unit of Open University of Indonesia (UPBJJ-UT)
  23. The Influence Of Economic Growth, The Minimum Wage, The Unemployment Rate Against Poverty Level In Regency/City In South Sumatra Province In 2011-2016
  24. The Effect of Household Consumption and The Government Expenditure on Economic Growth in Indonesian
  25. The influence of the General Allocation Fund, a Fund for the results and Fiscal Independence Against GDP Government regency/city in South Sumatera 2011-2016 Year
  26. The Effects of Organizational Commitment, Organizational Culture, Leadership Style, Functional Position and Motivation on Auditor Performance (Auditor Perception in Inspectorate of South Sumatera Province and BPKP Representative of South Sumatera)
  27. Manpower Absorption in fishcake, crackers and fish cracker Businesses in Palembang City
  28. The Prospect of Sharia Hotel in Indonesia: A SWOT Analysis
  29. The Effect Of Macroeconomic Variables On Non Performing Financing In Sharia Commercial Banks
  30. The Influence of Audit Rotation, Audit Tenure and Workload on Audit Quality at Consumer Goods Sector Manufacturing Companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange
  31. Performance Measurement Analysis With Balanced Scorecard Method (Case Study of Sriwijaya University and Bina Darma University Palembang)
  32. Influence of Website Design toward Purchasing Airline Eticket
  33. Liquidity Risk of Islamic Banking In Islamic and Non Islamic Countries
  34. The Effect Of Trading Frequency Of Stocks, The Value Of Company And Level Of Financial Performance On Stock Return (Empirical Study On Agribusiness Companies Registered In Indonesia Stock Exchange
  35. Analysis Of Labor Absorption Province Of South Sumatera
  36. Is The Quality of Business Incubator Programs Capable of Boosting Entrepreneurial Orientation and Intention at Higher Education?
  37. The Impact of Fundamental Factors and Inflation on Abnormal Return On Registered Service Company on the Indonesia Stock Exchange
  38. Effect of Auditor Professionalism, Auditor Independence and Understanding of Auditor Professional Ethics on a Public Accounting Firm in the City of Palembang
  39. Environmental Management Accounting, Quality of Decision Influence on Environmental Performance in Indonesia
  40. Career Adaptability Mediates Career Management and Organizational Support to Improve Career Success
  41. The Effect of Islamic Financing, Indonesia Sharia Stock Index (ISSI), and Distribution of Zakah, Infaq and Sadaqah (ZIS) on Economic Growth in Indonesia
  42. Driving Factors, Innovativeness And Benefits Of Social Entrepreneurships: Learning  From  Cases  In  Thailand, Vietnam And Indonesia
  43. Economic And  Socio-Demographic  Factors  Of  Labor Mobility In The Service Sector
  44. Socio-Economic Characteristics Of Women Workers In The Informal Sector In The City Of Palembang
  45. An Antecedent Of E-Invoice User Behavior With Behavioral Intention As An Intervening Variable
  46. Effect Of Capital Expenditure, Investment And Human Development Index To Gross Regional Domestic Product Provinces In Sumatera-Indonesia
  47. Technological Literacy, Spiritual Motivation, Compensation, Job Satisfaction And Turnover Intention: A Case Study Ini Bank Sumsel Babel Syariah
  48. Accrual Based Accounting System Model Implementation In The State Budget And Treasury System With Technology Acceptance Model 3 Approach At The Regional Office V In The Directorate General Of State Treasury Of Jambi Province
  49. Market Integration Of Palm Oil In South Sumatera
  50. The Determinant Of Willingness To Pay For Waste Management In Slum Area
  51. Reservation Wage Of Young Workers In The Minimum Wage Perspective
  52. The Effect Of Workload, Experience, Personality And Professional Skepticism On The Accuracy Of Giving Audit Opinion
  53. Role Of Fintech Service Provider And Stakeholders As Drivers In Digital Payment Ecosystem
  54. Behavioral Accounting Model Of Online Shopping Behavior, Risk Perception And Entrepreneurial Orientation Of Micro Small And Medium Enterprises Creative Economy In Indonesia
  55. The Influence Of Infrastructure On The Economic Growth Of Regencies/Cities In The Province Of South Sumatera
  56. Determinant Factor Influences On Accounting Conservatism At Consumer Good Industry Companies In Indonesia
  57. The Impact Of Firm Characteristics On Mandatory Disclosure Of Companies List On The Indonesian Staock Exchange
  58. The Pattern Identification Of Price Pricing Determination In The Local Farmer Level
  59. How Does Investment In Working Capital Effect The Probability Of Manufacturing Companies At Indonesian Stock Exchange
  60. The Effect Of Environmental Performance And Environmental Information Disclosure On Financial Performance In Companies List On Thr Indonesian Stock Exchange.
  61. Determinant Of Profitability: Evidence Of Government Bank In Indonesia
  62. Is Financial Distress Cost Important for Determining Firm Performance ?
  63. The Internal Audit Unit, Budgetary Participation, and Intellectual Capital Effect to Good University Governance through Internal Control
  64. Public Sector Financial Prototype Without Riba Based on Masjid Funds (Exploratory Study of Masjid Jogokarian Yogyakarta)
  65. Efficiency, Productivity and Stability of Islamic Banks in Indonesia
  66. The Influence of Pentagon Fraud on The Financial Statements of Infrastructure Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange
  67. Islamic Banking Management’s Perspectives and Practices on Stakeholders
  68. Stakeholders' Linkage in Biogas Use as the Application of Blue Economy Concept
  69. Analysis the Influence of Day of the Week, Monday, and Weekend Effect of on Seasonal Anomaly in in Stock Return: Evidence of Companies on LQ45 Indonesia in Indonesian Stock Exchange
  70. The Influence of Fiscal Autonomy and Local Expenditure Towards Economic Growth in Southern Sumatera, Indonesia
  71. Perception Index of Halal Tourism in Bangka Belitung with the PCA Method
  72. Economic Growth, Social Expenditure, Unemployment, and Inflation: The Impact on Poverty in South Sumatera
  73. Personal Moral Philosophies And Ethical Judgment Of Earnings Management: Credit Analysts Perspective
  74. Government's Role In Promoting Tourism Destination In Jambi Province Through Increasing The Quality Of Electronic Media And Its Effect On Visiting Tourist Interests
  75. Co-movement in Asset Market: Does Global Financial Cycle Works? Empirical Evidence in Indonesia
  76. The Mechanism of Zakat Productive Fund Management and Its Effect On The Income of Recipients of Zakat in Palembang City
  77. Sharia Supervisory Board Religious Compliance in the Islamic Banks: An Interpretive Approach
  78. The Analysis of Workforce Absorption in Food Industry of South Sumatera
  79. Management Commitment and Competencies of Asset Administrators on Asset Management: A study in Government Units of South Sumatera Province
  80. Concentration Ratio, Advertising Intensity, Sales Growth, The Government’s Regulation and Profitability in Indonesian Cigarette Industry
  81. Panel Data Regression Analysis of Partnership Contract in Indonesian Sharia Banks
  82. Analysis of Investment Efficiency by Using ICOR Approach to Economic Growth in All Provinces of Sumatera Island
  83. The Effect of Machiavellian Characteristics and Auditee Pressure on Ethical Decision Making of Government Auditors in Palembang Municipality
  84. An Early Warning Model of Financial Distress Sharia Banks in Indonesia
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Paper Submission Deadline : October 15th, 2019

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Conference Dates : November 6th-7th, 2019

Prof. Dr. Taufiq Marwa, SE., M.Si

"Welcome to Sriwijaya Economics, Accounting and Business Conference (SEABC)"


I am delighted to welcome you to Universitas Sriwijaya, Palembang and the 5th Sriwijaya, Economics, Accounting and Business Conference (SEABC). SEABC is a scholarly activity consist of International seminar and conference that is expected to give contribution and identify national economic policy, especially in facing ASEAN economic community. Currently, SEABC is running its fifth year and we hope this event can contribute to research, technology development and give much benefits to all of us. Finally, we would like to invite scholars, policy makers, practitioners and students to join this conference. Thank you for your participation.

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